Our Best Kept Hair Secret!!

We all want gorgeous, beautiful hair at all times, right? To anyone who has lightened their hair, this post is for you! 

We might want to lighten our natural hair color a few shades, or get those fresh highlights for summer, but this can actually be very damaging to our hair! Make sure you go to a professional so you don’t completely damage your perfectly beautiful hair. This leaves your hair looking gorgeous with the end result you want, but your hair is extremely fragile and it is important to cater to it. 

Listening to your professional hairstylist is KEY. If they recommend a few sessions, or a certain tip to helping keep your hair healthy, just do it. It may have an “awkward” stage or take a few extra minutes in your routine, but ultimately your hair will thank you. 

Making a drastic change (going from black/brown hair to blonde) will take some time and effort on your part. Use color repair shampoo and conditioner as well as moisturizing spray. Purple shampoo is also a great option to help with the brassy color that comes with going lighter. If you are going to put heat on your hair, always use a heat protectant spray first.

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