Brilliantly Bold with neuLASH PROFESSIONAL

Escape in style with neuLASH PROFESSIONAL™. Enhance your lashes with our marvelous lash enhancing serum. Fortified with Active Eyelash Technology®, it can dramatically improve the weak appearance of eyelashes in just 3-4 weeks. 

Ever wonder why your lashes appear brittle or lifeless? It could be something as complex as a vitamin deficiency, or it could be the result of poor makeup habits and eye rubbing. Skin Research Laboratories® PROFESSIONAL created neuLASH PROFESSIONAL™ to help with conditioning and enhancing the appearance of your natural lashes. 

This enhancing serum is exclusively sold in salons, and coveted in the beauty industry. All it takes is one swipe at night for 3-4 weeks for fuller-looking lashes. Take it with you wherever you go! The 3 ml size is perfect for traveling this summer.

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