Glow all Summer

Hey bold show-stopper! In summer, we know that when it comes to makeup, the go-to look is pretty minimal and natural. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the most coveted look of the season – GLOW! 

Bronzer is a great way to get a fast and quick glow. With millions of options and price ranges, you are sure to find something that works for you. Bronzer is SO GOOD to create the illusion that you just came back from somewhere tropical. Saves time, money, and your skin! 

Highlighter is the best way to capture the light you want and use it to your advantage! Apply it where natural light hits your face (cheek bones, tip of nose, etc.) and bask in your beauty. Play it up this summer with highlighter. 

Want your eyes to boldly pop? Try neuLASH PROFESSIONAL™ lash enhancing serum. You will feel beautiful knowing that your eyelashes are enhancing your natural beauty. Add some of your favorite waterproof mascara and soak up that sun! 

For summer nights out, glow it up with some lipstick that resembles the coral in the ocean and see how perfectly it pairs with your gorgeous glow. 

Head on out to the beach and you are good to GLOW!

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